An alternative to sandwiches

Our frustration at the lack of choice available within the market for office workers inspired us to create a range of food that will help increase energy levels, focus your mind and keep your body fuelled throughout the day. We care about amazing taste and strive to deliver food that is beautifully balanced, nutritional and indulgent in taste.

It is now commonly accepted that the wide spread use of refined sugar in food is linked to debilitating illnesses. The high we all get from refined sugar is quickly followed by a sugar low or crash – no good for worker bees, who need to keep energy levels up throughout the day! At HIVE we only use natural sugars, such as honey, which are well known for their antibacterial properties and antioxidant boosting power.

Food • Life • Balance

Our menus have been developed working closely with our Nutritionist to create a balanced, naturally healthy range. We have worked really hard to ensure all our food is not only delicious but ‘good for you’, which means making and re-making our dishes as many times as it takes to ensure the lowest possible salt, sugar and fat content, but ultimately without compromising on taste.



If you want a delicious, healthy alternative to the ‘bacon sandwich’ then check out our breakfast range, packed with naturally filling ingredients and no refined sugar. They’ll keep you going all morning long!

Smoothie Bowls


We’re so proud of our smoothie bowls, made fresh daily with fruit, veg, oats and an extra hit of goodness sprinkled on top!



Freshly made by our Chef, with up to 4 of your 5 a day, these warming pots of goodness not only provide a delicious filling meal but they’re guilt free too!



An abundance of wholesome ingredients, combined with fresh herbs and spices create our delicious HIVE soup range.



Fresh, healthy and a real treat for your taste buds. All our salads are nutritionally balanced whilst easy to eat on the go. The perfect combination!

Sweet Treats


We all need a sweet treat now and then, from power balls to oaty flapjacks made with only natural sugars, you can be assured there’s goodness in there too!

Contact us now for private hire and corporate menus to cater all occasions. Please email for more information.

Good Honest Food

We feel it’s important to be as honest as we can about our food and the information we give you. We recognise how frustrating it is as a consumer to ‘wade’ through jargon or work out what’s been added to preserve that ‘shelf life’! That’s why at HIVE everything is cooked fresh by our chefs from natural, locally sourced produce with nothing added as if you were cooking from scratch at home.

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